Don't Give Up, Giving Up

As I Stop Smoking practitioner, my top tip would be ‘don’t give up, giving up’.

Over the 11 years of being a practitioner, I have seen many clients through my doors, some who have succeeded, then life happened, and they weren’t prepared how to deal with it. They come back and try again, having learnt from their previous quit attempts, each time gets a little bit easier and they are quit for a little bit longer, until that’s it they have cracked it and become a non-smoker for good.
They may have tried many products themselves and found some work and some don’t, they might not have tried them in combination, a nicotine patch and a nicotine oral product.
We would go over previous quit attempts, what worked, what didn’t, what could be done better, what was the motivation previously.
Help and support is definitely an added bonus when attempting a quit attempt. Someone who has the experiences of hundreds of people to draw upon. We are also quite good at talking about behaviour change and changing the habits and routine of smoking.
Research shows that behavioural support (us) and pharmacotherapy (Patches etc ) are the best possible and most successful way to stop smoking and remain smoke free.

Is there any harm, in trying to stop smoking , after all the month of October is only 31 days long, 744 hours, if you sleep 8 hours a night you will be asleep for 248 of those, so we are down to 496 hours, if you work lets take off 140 hours so down to 356 hours, even more achievable. You wont know you can do it unless you give it a go. Set yourself a challenge to go smokefree for Stoptober

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Alison Plastow, Stop Smoking Practitioner

October 1, 2020

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