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Here are our top Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to stop drinking completely? No. Our support is tailored to your needs, whether you want to cut down, moderate or stop altogether.
Do I have to have an addiction to alcohol to access support from One You Lincolnshire? No. One You Lincolnshire is not a treatment service. We offer educational and motivational support to people wishing to make healthier choices around their alcohol use.
Will I be breathalysed? No. We do not breathalyse clients.
Will my GP know that I have attended? We are not currently sharing personal data with GP surgeries.
Will I have to attend a group? Group attendance is not a necessity. We currently have on offer three educational workshops and attendance is voluntary. Workshops on offer: Alcohol Awareness, Craving Management and Mindfulness
Are these groups “Group Therapy” No. Our workshops simply offer advice and information on a range of topics, although we do encourage some healthy discussions.
Can I change my mind about attending groups? Absolutely. Not everyone wants to throw themselves into a workshop straight away. If you would like to attend a workshop speak to your Health Coach and they can refer you when you are ready.
Can I remain anonymous in a group setting? Yes. Our groups are currently running online. You can choose whether or not to have your camera switched on and you can choose your own screen name too.
Do I need to bring anything to my first session with a Health Coach? No. You don’t need to bring anything to your first session. Our fantastic team of Health Coaches will first complete an alcohol assessment and each session will be tailored to you.
What is an alcohol assessment? We use a standardised assessment tool to measure your risk of alcohol related harm. This is a short questionnaire that will be asked by your Health Coach.  
How often will I have contact with a Health Coach Our Health Coaches offer up to 6x 1:1sessions. Once you have attended your first session you and your Health Coach will work out how frequently you will be contacted.  
What if I’m struggling and feel as though I need more support? Our dedicated team of Health Coaches can onward refer to our local treatment service for ongoing support.
Do you offer Mental Health support? Our Health Coaches are not able to offer any therapeutic interventions, however, they can signpost and support an onward referral to local services if required.
How long can I use the app for? Once you have been given your app code you can keep on using the app for as long as you wish

To learn more about how you can create a healthier relationship with alcohol sign up to our Drink Less pathway here

The information and advice within this blog are not intended to replace any medical advice, with all our clients we seek to address their individual needs and circumstances - this includes any adaptations required for long- or short-term health conditions and medications. Please seek medical advice if you have any health conditions before considering a lifestyle change. If you would like to address any of the content of this blog, please email us at hello@oneyoulincolnshire.org.uk   

Laura Bell, Drink Less Lead

February 18, 2021

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