Exercise Alphabet Challenge

Here's a fun little challenge for anyone looking to mix up their exercise routine, you can do a different word each morning!

(Always make sure you have water nearby along with any medication you might need, make exercises as easy or as hard as you are able - Listen to you body)

A is for Arm Circles (30)                                     B is for Bicep Curls (20)

C is for Calf Raises (10)                                     D is for Dance

E is for Elbow to Knees (20)                                F is for Front Kicks (20)

G is for Glute Side Leg Raise (20)

H is for High Knees (30)

    I is for Ice Skaters (20)                              J is for Jumping Jacks 20)                   

K is for Kicks to Heel (20)                                               L is for Leg Raises (20)

M is for Marching (30 Secs)                        N is for Narrow Squats (20)

O is for Oblique Twists (30)

P is for Press Ups (30 Wall)

Q is for Quick Feet (30 Secs)                     R is for Reverse Lunges (20)

S is for Squats / Sit to Stands (20)

T is for Tricep Extensions (10)

          U is for Upright Rows (20)               V is for V-Crunch Seated (20)                                            

  W is for Wall Sit (20)                         X is for X-Punches (30 Secs)

Y is for Yoga Pose

Z is for Zig Zag Hops (30 Secs)

We hope you enjoy these, if you would like some support to Move More, Eat Well, Lose Wight, Drink Less or become Smoke free - check out our residents page http://bit.ly/lincs_residents

Helena Palin, Adult Weight Management Lead

June 5, 2020

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