Jen's Story

We love sharing the testimonies of our clients - Here's one from Jen...

"When I attended my first meeting with Karen, my One You Lincolnshire (OYL) Health Coach, I had been referred by my GP because I had expressed an interest in joining a weight loss programme.  That meeting was quite an eye opener and Karen soon established that there was a lot more going on than my wish to lose weight.  Here was a 73 year old diabetic woman, bored and depressed.
Karen was easy to talk to we soon established a rapport, and I felt that she really listened to what I was, and wasn’t saying.  She made it clear that there was no magic wand, any changes had to come from me in the first place.
One of those changes was joining the OYL weight management and exercise group run by Paul.  I found myself in a group of people of varying ages, some of them were like me, no longer spring chickens.  It felt good to be part of a group of people just like me, mature people with lives to live and problems to cope with.  Paul made the classes fun combined with being educational and was supported by interesting and useful hand-outs.  It was a practical and educational class with no 'people of your age' references which can be so crushing to 'people of my age'.
The exercise part of the class was fun and functional and made me realise that, yes, I could do that.  It helped ease some of my arthritic problems.  I feel encouraged to carry on being active now that the course has ended and Karen has already helped me with that, recommending some online keep fit classes which will be starting soon.
Finally I would say that my involvement with OYL has been beneficial, both mentally and physically.  
I had terrible problems sleeping for a very long time and was constantly tired and listless. This would have been a combination of my lifestyle and type 2 diabetes so I came to understand.
After a few months with one you My health coach recommended that I have a medication check with my diabetic nurse. My readings were so improved that I was completely taken off metformin!! ( a medication to help my body cope with diabetes). I am no longer tired and listless and have actual energy! I am sleeping well too so life is much improved for me in many ways.
Generally I feel more positive with an 'OK I'll give it a go' attitude.  I'm also looking at getting involved with the ECO Centre in Skegness as I love gardening. My involvement with One You Lincolnshire is ongoing and with Karen's encouragement and support I hope that this will be so for some time yet."
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May 11, 2020

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