Smoke Together, Quit Together - A couples Journey

Colin and June are a couple who came to One You Lincolnshire to help them quit smoking. The couple have been smoking for 47 years, starting at age 13. This is also the first time they have attempted to quit smoking! 

 So, we hear you ask, what on earth would trigger a couple who have been smoking that long, to suddenly decide to quit? Well, a trip to Lincoln’s Steep hill, that’s what! 

 Even for the most able-bodied health and fitness enthusiasts, Steep hill is physically taxing. It’s one of Lincoln’s most famous challenges. However, when June set off with a group of friends to walk to the top, she found she really struggled to get there, and she wasn’t happy at all. Amongst her group of friends, she was the youngest, yet, her smoking habit was clearly impacting her health much more than she had anticipated. June was upset and felt embarrassed about what happened. That was the moment she decided enough was enough and so she made the decision to quit, for good. 

 Colin, being the supportive partner that he is, knew it might be tough if he kept smoking and so decided to support June by also quitting.  

 On behalf of the One You Lincolnshire Stop Smoking service, we are delighted to say that they have both been smoke free for 5 weeks. June and Colin are currently using nicotine replacement therapy patches to help with withdrawal and cravings.  To help with motivation, they have saved the money they would normally spend on cigarettes. It equates to £40 a week, thus totalling £200 in 5 weeks and £480 come the end of the 12 weeks…simply brilliant! 

 What’s more, Colin used to cough frequently… this has now stopped. Completely. 

June is now able to vacuum the living room, kitchen and hallway all in one go. Previously, she had to stop and start when vacuuming even one room. The test will come of course, when June attempts Steep hill again! Something tells us, she won’t be the last this time. 

 Well done to this inspiring couple! You have worked hard to achieve amazing things for your health and your lifestyle, not to mention your bank balance! 

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Stephanie Lammond

November 15, 2019

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