Smoking is a Part Time Job

Smoking is a part time job – that you pay for!

Maureen had been an on / off smoker for over 20 years, smoking anywhere between 10 – 15 cigarettes a day. When I caught up with Maureen for a chat, we worked out that over 20 years she spent anywhere between 6083 and 9125 hours smoking!

Time spent smoking

Maureen spoke openly with me about her experience. Here is what she had to say.

‘I have tried to quit before where I managed to get to 14 weeks smoke free. It is very hard to quit as it is such a big part of life. Sometimes, you don’t realise this until you look at how many hours you spend smoking. Quitting doesn’t always happen first time around, and that’s ok. However, it is important to keep trying. This time, I knew the time was right. You must be in the right mindset and this time I am thinking about the long-term benefits of my health. You must do it for yourself!’
Smoking has the effect of reducing the oxygen levels in your blood, due to the increased levels of carbon monoxide produced when smoking. It also raises your resting heart rate. Since quitting smoking, Maureen has seen an improvement in her oxygen saturation levels in the blood (from 96% to 98%) and has seen an improvement in her resting pulse rate (from 84 bpm to 65-74bpm). Blood pressure is also normal. At the gym, Maureen feels less breathless.
When making a quit attempt, one of the strongest predictors for a successful attempt is the relationship and rapport built between the quitter and the Smoking cessation practitioner. On this aspect, Maureen said:
‘The service is great, I really gelled with Kirsty who has been on hand to support me throughout. She has been amazing, she has supported and listened to me and my concerns. I am very grateful for the help’.

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Kirsty Shaw, Stop Smoking / External Engagement Co-ordinator

October 1, 2020

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