Stephanie's Story

To whom it may concern,
I wish to write a review on my experience with quitting smoking.
I was a smoker for almost 17 years. I attempted to quit on numerous occasions without success. I was very scared to never be able to quit and had some reservations and concerns about using Champix. I asked Jacqueline for information about the drug and the side effects. She explained everything thoroughly, from the effect of the drugs to the conditions of my lungs as a smoker and how it would benefit me to quit smoking. She was also very honest about the process and how difficult it would be to quit. Jacqueline checked on me regularly to access my progress and ask if I had any issues with the drugs. I also had some concerns because Champix was making me extremely nauseous. Again, she listened attentively and offered me an alternative which made a huge difference and enabled me to continue.
I was off the smokes for about 8 months when I relapsed. I called Jacqueline after a week. I was rather worried and embarrassed. However, there were no judgements from her. She acknowledged the difficulties I was going through and reassured me that it was okay and that she would help me. Once again, she offered me her experience, professionalism and care to support me in the process of quitting smoking.
She kept me in check with the prescriptions and always made sure everything was in order with the GP, especially in these difficult COVID times.
I highly recommend seeking for help with Jacqueline and One You Lincolnshire, especially for people that have attempted to quit smoking on their own unsuccessfully but that are determined to do so. You will always find an attentive and knowledgeable professional in Jacqueline. I couldn’t have done it without her.
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October 19, 2020

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