Treat Yourself - Stop Smoking

Treat yourself – Stop Smoking

My big 30th birthday was coming closer and closer. I was planning a birthday party with friends and family.
I wanted to make sure I will remember that year by doing something special – just for me. Already I was getting healthier by losing weight with Slimming World. But that wasn’t enough for me. So, I decided to stop smoking. I decided to treat myself. I was looking for the ways how could I do that with having such a stressful job and didn’t wanted to put weight on. I really wanted to succeed. I really wanted to treat myself.
Once on my weekly weigh in at Slimming World I picked the leaflet about stopping smoking. I went back to my seat and my slimming world buddy – Alison – said she can help me to stop smoking as that is her everyday job. Omg, what a lucky person I was! I booked my first appointment with Alison at stop smoking clinic and that was it. She helped me to choose medications, I went for champix and with her support and medications I was a no smoker.
Was it easy? No, but it was easier with medications and support from an experienced advisor. The first few weeks was the worst, cravings were bad but staying in touch with my advisor helped me to win the battle. Losing weight was on hold for few weeks but I did maintain my weight for that time being.
Few months later I was able to buy new car for myself with all the money saved from not buying cigarettes and got to my target at slimming world. Stopping smoking made me happier, healthier and less stressed every day.
If I can advise YOU today, I will say – Treat Yourself – Stop Smoking.
Call One You Lincolnshire at 01522795162 and book appointment.
Few years later – I am smoke free and work along Alison at the OYL stop smoking service.
Treat yourself today!
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Monika Baranowska, Stop Smoking Practitioner.

October 1, 2020

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