Caroline's Story

Caroline lost over 6% of her body weight in 12 weeks!
Caroline first began her journey with One You Lincolnshire at the beginning of this year after seeing a stall set up in her local hospital. She decided to go over to see what it was all about and ended up enrolling onto our ‘Lose Weight With’ 12-week course. Caroline stated her reasons for deciding to do the course were because she felt ‘it was the right time in my life as I had plenty of time to commit to the course’. Another motivation was that type 2 diabetes runs in Caroline’s family and this is something she is keen on preventing.
During the course, we set small, sustainable and realistic goals with clients. One of Caroline’s main goals was to reduce snacking, as often one packet of crisps could lead to another. Caroline decided that she was going to swap snacking on crisps and biscuits for a piece of fruit. However, she adds if she fancied some dark chocolate, she would allow herself to have a small portion of this alongside some cherries. It’s important we still allow ourselves to have some of our favourite things as part of a balanced and varied diet and for enjoyment!
Additionally, Caroline found some lovely ways to reward herself for achieving her goals, for example buying herself a bunch of flowers.There are so many great ways for rewarding yourself for achieving your goals,for example; listening to your favourite music or taking some time out to read/relax- whatever you love to do!
Other key changes Caroline made included reducing her portion sizes and doing some more home-cooking. Another huge change for Caroline has been meal prep; for work Caroline ensures she prepares foods that will help keep her fuller for longer to avoid snacking on other high sugar snacks.
Another of Caroline’s achievements include increasing her physical activity from 15 minutes at the start of the course to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week. This includes brisk walking and doing some exercises she learnt during the session and as a result Caroline said she ‘feels more alert’. Increasing our physical activity to a level where we feel slightly breathless is great for increasing fitness levels.
Caroline also enjoyed the group setting and felt like she had given herself a health MOT. When asked about advice she would give to others wanting to join she said, ‘this is not going to be a quick fix but understand that several small changes create one big change’- we couldn’t agree more!
Due to these several small, dietary and physical activity changes Caroline has made, she has lost over 6% of her body weight during the 12-week course. This is 7kg’s or 1st 1lb. Caroline says she feels ‘mentally brighter’ and physically fitter, mentioning that many other things she does in her daily life are more enjoyable due to her increased fitness. A couple of tips Caroline would like to share with anyone thinking of getting involved is to try and structure exercise into your daily routines and slowly try and build your new habits- we think they are great ideas, thanks Caroline!
For anyone wanting to get involved in the Lose Weight With course, please visit find out more!


Bethan Topley, Adult Weight Management Practitioner

July 10, 2020

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