Man V Fat Challenge


Normally losing weight can be dull, boring and difficult- that’s why it is so easy to go back to our normal ways. However, with Man V Fat Challenge it is a fun, competitive and social way to improve your lifestyle and help you lose weight.

Man v Fat challenge is a weight loss service, for MEN ONLY, that lets you be part of a team and compete against other teams across the country! You will be given weekly nutrition and physical activity challenges that you can complete to gain points for your team.
Examples of Physical activity challenges:
Family exercise – getting the family involved in an exercise session
Broga-completing a men's yoga session
Examples of Nutrition challenges:
Colours of the rainbow- try and get as many colours into your meal as possible
Fake away- Creating a healthy homemade version of your favourite takeaway.

There are many other ways to gain points for your team, like losing weight, completing a food dairy and many more. The more challenges you do the more points you get, consequently the more weight you’ll lose as you complete the healthy lifestyle changes.
While being on this pathway you get access to your very own virtual gym, The other Room, which provides you with live and pre recorded physical activity sessions for a range of abilities. As well as silver cloud, the digital mental health program that helps you manage stress, anxiety and depression.
Each league is 14 weeks long and there will be a winning team and individual awards too! If you have a BMI of 30+ you get these 14 weeks absolutely FREE!! So sign up now by referring yourself through One You Lincolnshire.

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Kirby Mansfield, Physical Activity Practitioner

February 15, 2021

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