Peter's Story

Peter has done extremely well, he was told he was pre-diabetic and needed to change his lifestyle to decrease his chances of becoming diabetic. So he changed his life completely
Peter first tackled his eating habits, choosing a low-carb Keto style diet. He's now completing the keto diet, and has stuck to it for 7 months and loves it, and it's great that he now doesn’t find it a challenge at all.
Also, with our help has increased his physical activity to more than 150 minutes a week. Consequently, it has helped him to lose the weight he wanted to and to feel a lot better within himself, enabling him to get around the house more and complete daily tasks that before he really struggled with. He has managed to lose 15% of his starting weight, a massive 14kg, and his intake of fruit and veg has gone from 3 portions a day to 7.
I encourage more people to have the mindset Peter has, he has tried so hard to become a healthier individual as well as helping his wife to do the same. I understand that most people that attend want to see a physical result, whether that be weight, or cutting down on smoking or alcohol. However sometimes when I hear that their happiness and satisfaction in life has increased- that’s when I most pleased.
To demonstrate this increase in satisfaction, below are the well-being questions I asked at the start (baseline) and at the final appointment Peter had with me.

Satisfaction with life (1-10):baseline 5 – final appointment 10

Happiness today (1-10): baseline 7 final appointment 9

Anxious today (1-10): baseline 2 –final appointment 0

Life is worthwhile (1-10): baseline8 – final appointment 10

These final questions were asked during lock down, and we know that lock down can be a struggle, and Peter has said he has found it hard. However, he is so happy with himself now and that he sees passed that and looks into the future and it’s fantastic.

“My good Lady is taking part in my almost daily get fit and daily walks along the riverbank. I am indebted to you for getting me up to taking fitness and walking and as the weather gets warmer,I think I will get to a better place by the end of Summer. Your gentle urging has been very good and with the illustrated book I will keep up. I feel more able to get around and do daily tasks, and the more I do it the fitter I feel.Thank You. You are one of the heroes for us armchair sportsmen.”

Thank you Peter for putting you heart and soul into these lifestyle changes, we are so very proud of you!
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Kirby Mansfield

April 24, 2020

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