Stephen's Story

One You Lincolnshire is proud to partner with Second Nature, a digital online weight loss programme that helps to support those clients who are unable to attend regular weekly sessions with us.

For the past 10 years, Stephen from Lincolnshire, has been managing Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure that has come with excess weight over the years. Stephen’s main motivation was to regain control of his blood sugar and cholesterol; weight loss was secondary. Second Nature was offered to Stephen, to help motivate him to make positive lifestyle changes.
 Upon joining the programme, Stephen felt the in-app community provided great encouragement and the daily step tracking motivated him to continue his progress. For Stephen, monitoring his activity was an incentive to stay on track:
“You see what others are doing and it's a form of competition. You’re always thinking about how to integrate more steps to stay on the leader board.”
Stephen was hoping to lose more than the 6kg he achieved on the programme, but the benefits of the programme were revealed at his regular check-in with his GP. Stephen’s GP was absolutely amazed at his results and the reduction of his blood sugars:
 “Your blood sugar is down and your cholesterol is normal; if you were to come into the surgery you would be told you were pre-diabetic. At this rate, in 3 months, you could reverse your diabetes.”
 Stephen was shocked at the results, as the simple changes he applied, made a significant impact on his health.
 “I'm using the programme how I want to use it, for what I need and it's working for me. I used to feel on fire after 3-4 miles of walking, and now I can come home and cut the grass- it's not because I’ve lost loads of weight. My internal health has made a difference. I feel I can do so much more and don’t get tired. I never believed I would be saying that.”
Stephen has felt significant changes to his physical and mental health:
“I'm a better person in myself because I’ve pushed myself to do exercise in my everyday life. Before, I felt it was a huge struggle. My life has really changed."
"Inside, I feel a better person. Because of the way it's making me healthier, it's making my mind better. My mind is in a better place.”
If you would like support to Eat Well, Lose weight, Move More, Drink Less and become Smoke free, find out more here 

Second Nature

June 12, 2020

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