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December 29, 2021

Rural surgery becomes top refer after collaborative clinical meeting

How did a clinical meeting result in a small, rural GP surgery becoming one of our top referrers in the entire county?

We wanted to talk to you about Moulton Medical Centre. With a patient list size of approx. 5,600, it is one of the smallest GP surgeries in the south locality of Lincolnshire. Despite this, Moulton has stayed consistently within our top 3 referrers of the entire county; competing nearly head on with some our giant surgeries who have a triple or even quadruple the patient list. In January 2021, Moulton was our very top GP referrer.

Please see our top 3 referrers, below:


  • Patient Size - 5,600
  • January Referral Numbers - 48


  • Patient Size - 10,800
  • January Referral Numbers - 45


  • Patient Size - 19,148
  • January Referral Numbers - 41

If you’re thinking, how on earth did they manage that? I’ll tell you….

They all held 30-minute clinicians meeting with One You Lincolnshire.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

Whilst we understand clinicians are all under pressure, particularly whilst rolling the vaccine out, we are here to help. We ease the pressure by working with patients who are regular visitors, helping them address their health and lifestyle. A review with a patient who has a long-term health condition or blood test appointments are ideal opportunities to engage other health or lifestyle concerns that we could help with.

Reading a poster or leaflet is all well and good but a meeting with One You Lincolnshire ensures that all of your staff know what we can offer and how we can help but more importantly, the results we can achieve.

Moulton Medical are a fantastic example of just what can be done following a meeting.

Heidi Skells, Practice Nurse Manager at Moulton Medical, said:

“At Moulton Medical Centre, One You has become an intrinsic part of our clinical consultations. We are constantly assessing whether any patient will benefit from the support that One You can offer, recognising that individuals who do take part tend to present back to their consultations with a more positive outlook and with improvements to chronic illnesses they may be managing. We greatly support our partners at One You by empowering the patients in our care to take an even greater personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.”

Spilsby Surgery have also said:

“Referring into One You Lincolnshire has been very straight forward. Our patients have been able to access the support they need, and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship”

Just as point of reference, last year we helped a staggering 10,500 people improve their health.

These results below speak for themselves:

Ok, so we help your patients. What do you get out of it?

Well, a number of things, actually…

  • Qof for sharing quitting advice for smoker
  • Ambassador status and certificate for your surgery when you become a top referrer
  • Exclusive membership to The Other Room Gym (TOR) for all staff
  • Pre-made, leaflets, posters, booklets for both staff and patients
  • Training for staff (on our website) about to have difficult conversations regarding weight etc
  • An easy, 30 second referral process – using Systm1 or EMIS web
  • Attendance at PPG meetings, flu clinics, diabetes meetings, conferences – what ever you see fit! (when restrictions ease)
  • In-house stalls so WE can speak directly to your patients (once permitted to so)

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t had a meeting with us already, I implore you to get one in. It only takes 30 minutes of your time.

If you have had a meeting previously but want a re-cap, please get in touch today, we would love to touch base with you. Email us


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