One You Lincolnshire Health Coaching in progress

Health Care Professionals

We help you support the residents of Lincolnshire to lead healthier lifestyles through simple and sustainable changes. 

Our dedicated team offer a range of clinically proven interventions alongside motivational support and encouragement every step of the way to help improve the health of your patients.  All clients complete a short assessment, by phone or online, to help determine which of our programmes or services is most suitable.

Referral Options

1. Using systm1 or emiS web

You can easily refer using Systm1 or EMIS web. The referral goes straight to our secure inbox and we will call the client and triage.

2. using our platform

Healthcare professionals can refer by completing our online form

3. self referral

All patients can complete a simple self referral form. If your patient is not yet ready to be referred and would like more information, please ask them to visit Our Services.


Inclusion criteria

  • Be Smoke Free - Over 12’s who are currently smoking tobacco.

  • Eat Well, Lose Weight - Over 18’s with a BMI of 30+ (BAME 27.5).

  • Drink Less - Over 18’s drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week.

  • Move More - Over 18’s doing less than 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week.

Portraits of staff from Thrive Tribe

Thrive tribe

One You Lincolnshire is a service provided by Thrive Tribe. They create long-term habit and behaviour change through a range of lifestyle and wellbeing programmes.


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