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The Couple Losing the Weight Together

June 30, 2022

Older couple happy together at the beach

How David and Valerie lost 20lb each in 12 weeks!

Today we chat to David and Valerie who decided to make a change and lose the weight together, achieving incredible results using the WW app and support from a One You Lincolnshire Health Coach!

Name: David

Age: 67

Height: 6ft 0

Starting/Highest Weight: 16st 4lb

Current Weight: 14st 12lb

Name: Valerie

Age: 66

Height: 5ft 2in

Starting/Highest Weight: 10st 10lb

Current Weight: 9st 3lb

What programme did you undertake?

WW app

What support did you receive from OYL?

We received additional support from One You Lincolnshire Health Coach, Nicola, which was contact via regular phone calls.

How much weight have you lost and what changes have you made to your lifestyle to achieve this?

We have both lost 20lb! We've reduced our portions and quantity of red meat. The main reasons for our weight loss are increased regular exercise and no snacking. We used to have biscuits or cake or both in the morning and afternoon and eat chocolate and sweets in the evening. We cut these snacks out completely and just ate 3 regular meals per day.

What we're your biggest challenges and how have you overcome them?

Making the change to cut out the snacking was our biggest challenge, but because we were both doing it together we could support one another. Our health coach, Nicola, also greatly helped!

What were the benefits of deciding to join the programme and what were the benefits of losing the weight together?

The use of the WW app helped us to control our food intake using the points system. Mutual support has helped. We both feel healthier, fitter and have a new wardrobe of clothes now!

How has life changed since losing the weight?

We both have much more energy, are more active, we feel better and can now keep up with our grandchildren. My golf has improved too!

What are your next steps moving forwards?

For me, my next step is to achieve another 7lb weight loss and the next step for Valerie is to maintain her weight.

Do you have any advice or anything you would say to others who are looking to lose weight or make a healthy lifestyle change?

If you have a partner, do it together. Make the positive decision and mindset shift and plan a tasty menu for the week. Low calorie food need not be boring!

What would your final closing statement be?

Enjoy your diet, you can still eat interesting meals and enjoy life!

Thanks so much to David and Valerie for chatting with us about your experience, and a huge congratulations for the weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes you made together! We wish you every success in continuing your journey and maintaining your healthy habits and lifestyle.

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