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10 Active Valentines Day Date Ideas for 2022

February 4, 2022

10 Active Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2022

Anything planned for Valentine’s Day yet? Wanting to do something other than the typical sit-down meal? Let us help you out with some fun, activity-based date ideas. Whether you’re spending the day with your significant other, or choosing to celebrate with friends or as a family, check out our 10 Active Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2022 – many of them can be done solo too!

1)     Amusement Park – Low-Moderate Intensity

They say love is a roller coaster, but did you know that roller coaster rides can be great for a date? Experiencing fear can drive people to bond and experience feelings of love and attraction more quickly than under normal conditions. Rushes of adrenaline like the ones caused by rides can make you associate feelings of fun and excitement with the person, leading to attraction on a first date or helping to reignite the spark in a longer-term relationship. It doesn't hurt to get in a few thousand steps walking around the amusement park either!

2)     Trampoline Park – High Intensity

Trampoline parks are for adults too! It’s time to let loose and act like big kids having all the fun and giggles. You’re bound to end the session feeling like you’ve done a workout – just one that's much more fun than the usual.

3)     Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course – High Intensity

Competitive couples, this one is for you. Always thought you could tackle the obstacles with ease when watching Ninja Warrior or Total Wipeout on the TV? Now’s your chance to test your skills and agility in a fun-fuelled activity day.

4)     Paintball – High Intensity

This one is sure to get your heart racing and blood pumping. You can enter as a couple or invite others along as a double or triple date. No significant other this year? Paintball is perfect to do with a bunch of your mates – just mind the bruises, it can get intense.

5)     Laser Tag – Moderate-High Intensity

Opt for laser tag as a pain free alternative to paintballing – it’s also suitable for younger kids if all the family are attending date day this year.

6)     Walk Outdoors – Low-Moderate Intensity

Want something a little less demanding? Why not try a hiking date or a walk outdoors in nature? Research shows that spending time outside in nature is beneficial for our mental health and the fresh air can do you no end of good.

It’s the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and have a wonderful conversation with a loved one.

If Valentine’s day is hard for you, or if you’re spending it alone this year, a solo walk out in the countryside might just be the perfect way to spend the afternoon to get out of the house, relieve stress and release endorphins to help improve mood and promote relaxation, leading to a better nights sleep.

7)     Visit the Zoo – Low Intensity

Visiting the zoo is a great one for a date and fun for all the family if you have the kids with you. You’ll get in more steps than you think and be hitting that 10k without even noticing whilst enjoying a day out seeing the animals.

With a plethora of wildlife parks available across Lincolnshire, a quick google search will reveal those close to you.

Try something New!

Nothing brings us closer to another individual than experiencing something new together for the first time. So here are some suggestions below.

8)     Salsa Class – Moderate Intensity

Two left feet? It doesn’t matter! Dancing is fun, lively, and passionate. It allows expression of emotions, fuels attraction and is a fantastic form of exercise keeping you fit and healthy. If this is one your partner refuses to try or you don’t have a date, a dance class is a great way to meet new people in a fun and friendly environment.

9)     Couples Yoga – Low-Moderate-High Intensity

Whether you attend an in person class or follow a YouTube tutorial in your living room, couples’ yoga can create a sense of intimacy and deep connection. Failing that, you’ll have a great laugh trying to get into all the poses together (think of it like a game of twister). Why not take some pictures or videos to look back on in the future and if you’re feeling brave, share on social media to show everyone what fabulous new skills you’ve learnt?

10)  Indoor Climbing Wall – Moderate-High Intensity

If you’re into adventure and like a physical challenge, climbing is an amazing form of exercise that works every muscle group and will certainly make you feel accomplished. This could be an opportunity to finally face that fear of heights. Again, if you don’t have a date this year then taking yourself climbing is an amazing way to meet new people, the climbing community are extremely friendly, and you’re bound to get chatting.

If there’s something else that you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how big or how small, get it scheduled! Life is all about new experiences.

We hope this gave you some interesting activity-based date ideas to try out this year.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media if you end up giving any of them a go after reading this blog!

However you’re spending it, Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at One You Lincolnshire.


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