Move More

Not giving up!


November 3, 2023


Jo's story of perseverance taking part in our physical activity programme.

Jo started on the Move More 1:1 course self-reporting 60 minutes of physical activity during their week. They had been unable to participate in their preferred form of physical activity of badminton due to an elbow injury. During their time on the Move More programme they not only completed suggested home exercises, but they also took it upon themselves to make their daily lifestyle as active as possible with more walks and taking up step challenges. Throughout their participation on the Move More programme they increased their weekly physical activity minutes to 600 active minutes.

→ Describe your journey with One You Lincolnshire. How did you feel before and how do you feel now after taking part in the programme?

I felt very demotivated before starting the course; I was injured for a year and couldn’t play badminton (my sport of choice) so consequently my weight went up and I didn’t feel like doing anything active. The course started with baby steps with exercises that were easy to do and which didn’t take much time and it progressed from there. 

→  What support did you receive? 

I had a call with One You Lincolnshire every week for a few weeks and then every fortnight. These were really useful as we discussed different things I could do to keep active. 

→ What was the hardest part? Any other barriers/challenges?

 The hardest part was finding time to do some of the exercises as it’s so easy to think I would do them later but I persevered. 


→ What were your goals?

To get fit and active and to lose weight. 

→ What positive changes have you made? 

I’ve started playing netball and I’m walking more. 

→ What has been your biggest achievement?

Not giving up! 

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