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December 1, 2023


A families Gloji Energy journey.

How did you hear about One You Lincolnshire?

Through work (Early Help team) but didn’t initially consider it for my own family, and then saw on a Facebook advert later.

Describe your journey with One You Lincolnshire. How did you feel before and how do you feel now after taking part in the programme?

Before – a little bit apprehensive. Quite worried about the words that might be used, and how we would encourage the children to make changes without using certain words e.g ‘weight’, or that any food is ‘wrong’ or ‘banned’.

During – Once we met everyone, I was reassured that everyone was going to approach it in the way I wanted to e.g no words such as ‘weight’ used, and not cutting any foods out. Pleased that the programme followed my own view of that.  

After – Sad that it was ending because we really enjoyed it and the children loved coming and doing the activities. We felt equipped as we had a plan for the future and knowledge.

What support did you receive? 

Gloji Energy progamme

What was the hardest part? Any other barriers/challenges?

For me, it was getting there on time as it was a half an hour drive to get there. A few of the challenges, I had to push the children to join in but once they did they were fine.

What were your goals? 

I felt like I had tried everything and nothing was working, so I wanted guidance and reassurance.

What positive changes have you made?

Children loving being outside and being active e.g swimming and being a junior lifeguard.

Meal planning with the children especially as one is vegetarian, and they try new meals each week. No sugary treats for breakfast during the week (eg no choc spread). No screen time before school. Children asking for healthier snack options e.g fruit and nuts and they can recognise those snacks keep them fuller for longer than a chocolate bar.

What has been your biggest achievement?

The children trying new foods and getting involved in meal planning. For the children to have the confidence to come every week and participate in the group.

 Anything else (Further comments, an image of yourself, before and after photos, healthy living photos of your meals, activity etc.)

Thank you. I found it really helpful. It wasn’t all new to me, but that was reassuring to know I was doing the right things. It was nice to share when you’ve had a tricky week, with the group support. Having a safe space and no judgement was really important.

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