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Active August: Family Adventures

May 16, 2022

Ideas to entertain the family whilst outdoors

Physical activity doesn’t have to be structured, boring and the goal doesn’t always have to be how many reps you can do or how far you can run. Sometimes activities that don’t have physical activity outcomes, keep people more entertained and active as they are focused on something different. So here are some ways to improve our activity levels, get you out in the fresh air and don’t include reps and sets.

Nature Bingo:

Nature bingo is a great game to do as family, which gets everyone outside enjoying some fresh air but also getting them active and can be educational. The aim of the game is to find as many of the items on your bingo card as possible to either get a line or a full house (getting all the items). This Makes a walk so much more enjoyable for all the family.. don’t worry adults you can get involved too!

Family days out to the park can include many challenges: hopscotch, skipping, the fastest runner, speed walking, water fights, star jumps or just using the park facilities and many more. You don’t need equipment, just the space to move.

Living in Lincolnshire, we have the luxury of all the outdoor space, you can create different challenges throughout the day to fill it full of fun but also make the day more active. There are plenty of things to do outdoors.. anyone heard of Geocaching???

Geocaching is a worldwide outdoor recreational activity whereby participants use a global positioning system receiver or app on a mobile device. There are hide and seek containers called geocaches which are in specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. So, it is one large treasure hunt for adults and kids! With a surprise to what’s inside each geocache. This will bring out the adventurous side of you. You can do this with friends, family or on your own, its completely up to you.

Outdoor activities are a great way to refresh the mind but increase our activity levels.  Who doesn’t like being outside, the fresh air and sunshine (some of the time) makes your endorphins flow.

There are many activities you can do outside here are just a few:

  • If you want to get back into running- the Couch to 5k is a great app that helps you get started, this can be done on your own or with others - completely up to you.
  • Workout in the local park - outdoor gyms or just some body weight exercises in some green space.
  • Weekly walks - going for a walk and talk, having those weekly catch ups with your friends and family but being active at the same time.
  • Star Gazing - You just need clear night to lookup and see the universe! - take a picnic blanket and take a walk to your nearest playing field, there are also some great free star gazing apps that will help you identify the constellations.
  • Find a new activity: Outdoor bowls, hire a tennis court, walking or running groups. There are so many outdoor activities where you can socialise and meet new people too.

So enjoy the summer, breathe in the fresh air and make activity fun.

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