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Sam H

June 30, 2023

Read about Chloe's amazing journey breaking a habit of binge eating

I was first referred to One You Lincolnshire when I told a nurse how unhappy I was about my weight as I felt I had no control of food. Due to my mental health, food played a huge role in comforting me, even though I would often feel worse after bingeing. It took me a while make any progress on this programme as I have suffered from binge eating for around 7 years, so breaking that cycle was difficult.

After working with Sam, I was able to realise that I don’t have to cut out chocolate, I just needed to understand my body and what it needed. One of the biggest goals for me was to manage my eating habits when I felt stressed or anxious, as this was a big trigger to binge eat for me, which I did find some weeks would happen and that was challenging to break.

Finding the routine of planning mealtimes was extremely helpful to me as I would often overeat. Instead, Sam helped me so that I would eat the foods I know my body needed, rather than cutting them out, so that I didn’t need to binge later in the day.

Sam always reassured me that I was going great, which helped me to keep going, even on the weeks I felt like giving up on it. She also helped me set reasonable goals, so that I wouldn’t get discouraged.

I have been able to increase my daily exercise so that I can hit 10,000 steps a day. My family have really noticed an improvement on my eating and have noticed I have lost weight.

I would say this has really helped me to be more conscious on not necessarily what I am eating, but how much of it. Since cutting down at mealtimes, I have found that I get fuller quicker and not reaching for something to binge. I am hopeful I can keep this up, as this is the first time I have had some control of my eating in a very long time.

Chloe has done amazingly well; she really embraced the Gloji Mind+ pathway and put her trust in the process. Chloe and I worked together to put realistic goals in place at each phone call, this gave Chloe the confidence in not only Gloji mind+ but in herself too. We worked on mindset around foods and debunked some diet culture myths, this really helped with the binge eating, Chloe soon realised that no foods should be deemed as good or bad, and to look at labels to make informed choices with regards to her nutrition.

Chloe has lost a total of 5kg and her score on the health and wellbeing SWEMWBS questions has gone from 18 to a score of 28, going from low mental wellbeing to high mental wellbeing.

Great achievement Chloe, well done.

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