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Ditch the Hangover this Bank Holiday Weekend

August 26, 2022

How to have a kinder hangover.

Want to improve your health and wellbeing? Cutting back the booze is a great way to start! Ditch the hangover this weekend and make the most of your bank holiday!  

Unfortunately the dreaded hangover is generally inevitable after a heavy night, or in this case weekend, on the booze.  

Bank holidays have been known to be a great excuse to “get on it” with the extra day off being side-lined for recovery. Be kinder to yourself this bank holiday, take back your Monday and enjoy the freebie day off! No one wants to be left on the bench!

How to have a kinder hangover:

  • Chose a drink with a lower alcohol percentage (ABV%). The lower the ABV the lower the number of units the drink contains.  
  • Familiarise yourself with the units in your usual “go to” and set yourself limits. Remember the government recommendations are no more than 14 units a week (and preferably spread out over a few days at least).
  • Alternate your drinks! For every alcoholic drink go 1:1 with a non-alcoholic drink. Try to keep yourself hydrated and sip your drinks slowly.  
  • Be more mindful. This goes for what you eat too! Before you say yes to another drink or a meaty burger…pause…ask yourself, do I really want this right now? Consider the reasons for and ramifications of drinking.  
  • Drinking spirits? Use a beaker to measure your units at home. Don’t get caught out pouring a double and consider your choice of mixer! If you’re watching your sugar intake you might want to choose a sparkling water or reduced sugar alternatives.  

Benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol:

  • Reducing your alcohol consumption can improve your energy levels. It’s normal to feel less sluggish, less irritable and to feel more motivated the less you drink. You are also more likely to reap the rewards from exercise. Worked hard on the pitch? Work just as hard off it!  
  • A more restful night’s sleep. Less snoring and stumbling to the toilet. Inadequate sleep can cause irritability and heighten stress. When we have poor sleep we often feel grumpy the next day, finding it hard to muster up enthusiasm and function.
  • No hangxiety! Enjoy the power of no regrets! Whilst all of your friends are slowly becoming more intoxicated and headed straight for those “oops” moments, take comfort in knowing the next morning you will have no regrets! Secrets intact, I give you permission to be smug my friend.  
  • Improved physical health. Regularly drinking above 14units can increase the risk of more serious long-term health conditions such as: liver disease, stomach ulcers and cancers.  
  • Weight loss. For some people its not just the calories in the alcohol we need to be mindful of, it’s the calories in the foods we choose to eat whilst we’re drinking. Heavy episodic drinking can increase the risk of transitioning from “normal weight” to “overweight” by 41%

Maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol and improve your health and wellbeing. Be fearless. Be you.

For more, see Drink Less.

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