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Donna's Story - How I lost 9% of my body weight in just 12 weeks!

May 27, 2022

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Donna's shares her weight loss experience and positive lifestyle changes.

Donna Before

Today we hear from Donna who has achieved some incredible results with a bit of support from our adult weight management practitioners!

How did you hear about One You Lincolnshire?

"I googled 'weight loss Lincolnshire'."

Describe your journey with One You Lincolnshire?

"I was contacted within a few days by one of their team who went through a few questions with me, they gave me several options of what they offer. All the events ran really smoothly and the team (Sofia and Paul) were really friendly and supportive."

Donna After

What kind of support did you receive?

"Group sessions and one to one sessions via Zoom or on the phone, either with or without cameras on! Text messages and a WhatsApp group chat."


What were your barriers?

"I didn't really have any barriers. I was really committed to the program so embraced it fully."

What were your goals?

"I wanted a healthier, slimmer version of myself, and to wear the same dress to a friend's wedding that I wore to my son's graduation before lockdown. That involved losing around 3 stone which was a daunting task but made really achievable by the One You team."

What positive changes have you made?

"So many changes! I move more, eat better, sleep better, and feel better now."

Do you have anything else to add?

"This program is NOT a diet! No food is off limits - it is all about self control, portion control and determination. If you want to get healthier and slimmer, you can. I thought I was stuck at the weight I was forever, mainly because the thought of losing it was too awful to contemplate. However, with the support of the team, attending every session and doing the exercise classes every week (and even sometimes twice a week!) I exceeded my original target of losing the recommended 5% of my body weight and am now working towards the next 5%! I was dreading the first exercise class, thinking 'I'm too big, I'll never manage the exercises' but I surprised myself and managed to get through almost the whole 30 minute session. It was surprising how much easier it became each week. Once I started, I didn't want to stop. It is true that taking that first step is the hardest. Take your first step with One You Lincolnshire and within a few weeks you will feel so much better, and far more positive."

Donna managed to achieve an incredible 9% weight loss result, but what's important is how much better she feels in herself.

If you're inspired by Donna's story and ready to make a change, check out Eat Well, Lose Weight and Health Coaching with One You Lincolnshire.

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