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December 29, 2021

Our 5 Top Tips for Menstrual Cravings

Due to the menstrual cycle we can see weight fluctuations on a day to day basis. This can be frustrating because it makes it that much harder to notice if you’re making progress. Seeing the scale fluctuate can push us to resort to crash diets, or increase exercise to try and lose the weight and can in turn affect mental health.  

Changing hormones throughout the menstrual cycle can often make weight loss difficult but not impossible.  

Here are a few tips:

1) Being conscious of how you feel and how your eating habits may change throughout your cycle is the key to sticking to your weight loss goals. Are you feeling frustrated, sensitive, and ready to punch someone in the face? Try to get the feelings out in a healthy way instead of consuming them - sometimes a little exercise, a bath, journaling or doing something creative can allow us to feel the feelings without upending our longer term goals.

2) Fibre- A fibre- rich diet that’s not too high in simple carbs and sodium can help stabilize weight throughout the menstrual cycle.

3) Stay Active- Light to moderate exercise on a regular basis is important such as walking, yoga and other lower intensity activities can burn calories and also indirectly help with weight loss. Often, a brisk walk or another form of moderate physical activity causes the body to release “feel-good chemicals,” such as endorphins.

4) Eat mindfully-  changes in hormones oestrogen and progesterone cause cravings for high sugar and foods rich in carbohydrates before a period.  There may be times where cravings kick in, but being mindful at these times and being aware of what you may be craving and any healthier swaps you can make can aid with weight loss. Healthier swaps can include things like nuts, healthy fats and berries.

5) Finally, not getting enough sleep can cause hunger levels to spike, so aim for 7-9 hours of sleep. If you struggle to sleep, relaxation techniques can help and also can help boost your wellbeing. Also have a glass of water by the bed to help rehydrate you first thing in the morning and combat those nightly temperature spikes.

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