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Festive Food - Tips & Tricks

December 29, 2021

Top tips to stay on track during the festive season.

Festive top tips to stay on track during the holiday season!

The festive period can be busy, stressful and full of temptation, but without realising it, we can become those people full of good intentions that say.. ‘I’ll start in the New Year’ but why??. You’ve worked hard all year to maintain a happy and healthy you, and then for one month of the year you’re willing to let it all go.

Here at One You we have some tips to have a stress free, calm and healthy lead up to the festive period.

FACT: reports suggest we can consume up to 6000 kcals on Christmas Day (nearly 3 times our daily recommended amount!)

Planning – Planning your meals and snacks can help relieve stress but also help you enjoy the festivities with family and friends whilst not feeling guilty. However, this is about balance and you do not need to say yes to every food or drink that comes your way. You may be invited to catch-ups with friends or even parties, but rather than starving yourself for the day, try to eat healthily through the day starting with something like porridge for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch and some lighter snacks such as fruit or handful of nuts if needed! This means your body won’t feel the need to overindulge once you see the menu.

If having buffet style meals, plans these out carefully as this can lead to overbuying and extra calories. You can save money whilst still having some of your favourite options without all the extra calories.

Exercise- As the festivities get closer and after work drinks or shopping may come about, don’t forget about your normal scheduled exercise sessions, whether that’s a walk in the morning, on your break or after work. You could even take the dog for a walk with the family to get some fresh air or do your own exercises at home in the warmth!

On the day, you might get that afternoon slump, why not get out as a family, include active family games or treasure hunts or even Wii Fit games?

30 minutes of vacuuming (light intensity) would equate1 50 calories, equivalent to 2 small sausage rolls

A brisk 30-minute walk can burn up to around 150 calories, equivalent to 3 mint chocolate thins

Surprised? It doesn’t seem a lot when you think of it like that! This is why it is important to stay active even when we just want to relax!

On the day: Simple things you can do to reduce your calorie and fat intake, whilst still having your favourite meals!

Simply removing the skin on turkey, will remove a lot of fat. Use bigger chunks of potatoes as these absorb less fat and using vegetable oils or low calorie sprays rather than animal fats.

Serve a variety of vegetables, try and steam these to retain the vitamins inside. Try adding chopped herbs or lemon for flavour as opposed to butters.

If using gravy or sauces, try reducing the fat content by pouring the juice into a jug and waiting for the fat to rise, then carefully spooning this off. For extra flavour, use the water from your boiled vegetables!! Even using low salt stock cubes or making bread sauces with skimmed milk, adding garlic, nutmeg or cloves are healthier ways to have gravy, without increasing your salt intake.

Finally, dessert can seem tempting! Why not choose a smaller portion and add some additional fruit!

5 a day- It is recommended to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day! This is split into 2 fruit and 3 vegetables over the day! Fruit and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals as well as fibre that keep you feeling fuller for longer, whilst being low in calories. Getting a variety of different coloured fruit and vegetables will also ensure you get a variety of nutritional benefits, so we recommend ½ plate of colourful vegetables! Not sure what a portion is?

1-2 slices of large fruit such as mango, pineapple

1 medium sized fruit such as fruit, banana or peach

2 small fruits such as kiwi, satsumas or plums

1-2 handfuls of grapes or berries

3 heaped teaspoons of peas, carrots or sweetcorn

2 spears of broccoli or 8 florets of cauliflower

4 heaped tablespoons of greens like spinach, kale or green beans

150ml of fruit juice or smoothies


Healthier snack ideas - With the temptation of chocolates hiding around the house, it can help to have healthier snacks prepared to ensure you are not missing out but choosing a healthier option. When choosing a snack, try fruit, unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks or lower fat dips. Try and keep chocolates and candies off the tree, instead you could have smaller portions of these occasionally.

Drinks – Staying hydrated is important, remembering to have around 6-8 glasses of water a day, especially if drinking alcohol as this may dehydrate you. It is recommended not to consume more than 14 units a week, spread over the week and try to have at least 2 drink free days a week.  14 units equates to 6 pints of 4% beer or 6 x 175ml glasses of 13% wine or 14 x 40% spirit shots.

What can you do to ensure you stay within your units whilst still enjoying yourself? Why not choose a smaller wine glass, or switch to a half pint instead of a pint and alternate your drinks with non-alcoholic options.  It can be difficult to know how much you are having, so measuring your spirits and even choosing a lower calorie mixer such as light tonic or diet lemonade can help.

Remember you can still enjoy the festive period, but don’t let it undo your hard work! You don’t need to wait until the New Year, why not start now? Remember sleep, healthy options, exercise and plenty of water and of course, enjoy yourself!

 If you would like to make more lifestyle changes in the new year, why not join one of our Lose Weight With Courses run by our own practitioners! Interested? Find out more information here  or watch our video

The information and advice within this blog are not intended to replace any medical advice, with all our clients we seek to address their individual needs and circumstances - this includes any adaptations required for long- or short-term health conditions and medications. Please seek medical advice if you have any health conditions before considering a lifestyle change. If you would like to address any of the content of this blog, please email us.

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