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How Lincolnshire Health Care Professional lost 2 stone with Slimming World via One You Lincolnshire's 12 week FREE programme

September 28, 2022

Health Care Professional, Helen, shares her experience.

By now, we're all too familiar with the effects the lockdowns have had on us, a big one being increased inactivity and weight gain. Read on to hear the relatable story of how the lockdowns during the pandemic resulted in weight gain for local Health Care Professional, Helen, and how reaching out to One You Lincolnshire helped her to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Here's what Helen shared with us:

"Like many administrative NHS staff I was sent to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. I went from having previously lost weight on Slimming World and joining a running club to working from a single room for nearly 2 years.  When the vaccination campaigns began, I could often be found at my desk for over 12 hours with my step counter rarely reaching 1000, and the weight I had lost piled back on.

As a health professional I have been aware of One You for some time in terms of support offered to our local population. Having also previously engaged with the One You stall at public engagement events and multi-disciplinary meetings I decided to make contact to see whether support could be available to myself.

I firstly emailed Jamie, our local engagement officer, and explained that my preference was to rejoin the Slimming World group where I had already been familiar with the plan and support network. Following this I had a short telephone call with Reece and that was all it took! The process was so straightforward and, although there were some personal questions asked, I had to remind myself that this was why I wanted to join-so that I didn’t need to be embarrassed anymore.

The information needed landed in my inbox within the same day and I was free to join the group as soon as I was ready. The Group Consultant made the process of registering by referral very simple and I was never made to feel like a lesser participant of the group. I attend with my mum for moral support and we try to stay to the group talk so that we hear the weekly news and advice.

Within the 12 weeks funded programme I have so far achieved my 2 stone award. I walk regularly with my friend during the week and my clothes are starting to fit more comfortably and I feel happier. I have a long way to go but it feels like a long-term goal now, not something unachievable.

My mum and I both continue to attend the group as paying members and have taken advantage of their onward payment plans where you can buy sessions in bulk and save overall-we see it as a further investment in our health. We plan to join our local gym over the winter months to maintain an increased level of physical activity and hope to continue our weight losses into next year.

Thank you to One You for your investment in us, and kick-starting our weight loss process. I am now able to share my personal experience and insight with my patients and colleagues, and will continue to promote the One You programme wherever possible."

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Helen and congratulations on your incredible results with Slimming World so far!

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