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James' Story


December 29, 2021

James chats through his experience of One You Lincolnshire

Name: James

Age: 53

Pathway with One You Lincolnshire: Lose Weight and Move More

Highest Weight: 19st

Current Weight: 15st 11lb

How did you find out about One You Lincolnshire? And why did feel it was time to change your lifestyle?

I saw it advertised through social media. I saw it but it took me several weeks to build up the courage to complete the form. I had been trying to lose weight since last November but had only lost a few lb. I felt I needed some help  

How was your journey with One You Lincolnshire?

Very supportive. Excellent. Really positive experience

What support did you receive?

WW App (Weightwatchers Reimagined) and physical activity 1.1.

What did you eat before you lost weight? – Give us a typical day if possible

I would say I ate normally but had 3 things that caused me problems. I always had my 3 meals a day which I was ok with.  

The things that have always caused me problems are:

Snacks between meals


Portion sizes

What do you eat now- Give us a typical day if possible

Doing the Weight watchers programme increased my awareness of portion sizes.  

A determination to cut out the snacks between meals has made a big difference

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining One You Lincolnshire?

You have got to want to change and it’s got to be the right time for you to do it

If you are interested in receiving FREE support, please visit One You Lincolnshire to find out more!

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