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December 29, 2021

Since beginning her journey with us, Judith has lost 11kg.

Since beginning her journey with One You Lincolnshire at the beginning of the year, Judith has lost 11kg.

Judith first heard about our service when her nurse mentioned it to her, while going for a blood pressure check at her local GP surgery. Judith had never heard of us before but decided to go for it!

In a short space of time, Judith was contacted by us and was referred to Shane, one of our health coaches. Judith says speaking to Shane gave her a kick start, as before joining the service she didn’t believe she could achieve her goals. Once she believed in herself and after a couple of health coach sessions, Judith joined our Lose Weight With 12-week programme.

Throughout the course, Judith made some fantastic and beneficial changes to her lifestyle. Prior to the course, Judith had tried multiple ‘diets’ and managed for a couple of weeks or so before deciding they weren’t for her. We encourage a healthy and sustainable balance and do not promote restrictive dieting. Judith said she learnt a huge amount over the 12-weeks, e.g. about how to read and understand food labels, alternative snack ideas and how to keep herself motivated. Regarding motivation, Judith said sometimes she felt it didn’t always go to plan, but she reminded herself of her goals and carried on, overcoming this. She puts sticky notes in her cupboards to remind her of her goal for the week (which can be focused around nutrition, activity, sleep etc.) and finds this really helpful. By being the architect of our own environment we can help ourselves create better habits.

Alongside nutrition, physical activity plays a role in creating a balanced lifestyle, so during each session we include 30 minutes of light to moderate activity. Judith found the activity beneficial for her neck and shoulders and ensured she did it at her own pace- something we encourage. When talking to Judith she said how much she enjoyed the course because it was non-judgemental and alongside the group sessions, practitioners were there to give you support when you needed.

For others wanting to start the course, Judith said people should give it a go and even if you think you are already knowledgeable around a healthy lifestyle, there is always more to learn. Also, there is so much more to this course than weight loss! It’s about nutrition and physical activity combined to help create a healthier body.

By being part of One You Lincolnshire and making these healthy lifestyle changes, Judith now says she is finding day to day activities so much easier and one lovely example, is being able to pick up her grandson more comfortably. Judith is thinking to the future too and is confident continuing her journey.

For anyone wanting to get involved in the Lose Weight With course, please visit One You Lincolnshire to find out more!

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