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Keeping Children Entertained and Educated

May 16, 2022

There are LOADS of timetables, free activities and plans for helping us with home learning while our children are at home. Which is amazing! But…for me and my two children alongside balancing work it felt very pressurised to be a excellent mum, good at my job, and suddenly a teacher too! (Massive respect to all Teachers!) I spent a lot of the weekend wondering how I was going to balance it all (and make sure I had food in – because I hadn’t been shopping!)

So here is what we have learned.

  • Have a rough plan, 3 or 4 things you want to try to do with your kids. We do a workout together in the morning, some learning in the morning and afternoon. Then we wing the rest!
  • Being ‘bored’ is good! Thankfully the weather is sunny – so garden time is on! I have ordered some bulbs for us to plant next week – but we have tennis raquets, and grass. So at least a hour is spent outside.
  • Watching TV is ok, the children are watching documentaries and then drawing or writing about what they have learned.

Here is a little film my son made about being at home so far!

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