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December 29, 2021

Lisa chats to Michelle, a busy working Mum and Carer for her two sons.

I called Michelle and I have to say she made my day, not just because of the inspiring transformation that has happened as a family, but Michelle’s own strength to make changes and to support her sons in the process too. Michelle explained to me her own health issues and her emotional association with food and the impact it had had on her own health and wellbeing. In her own words “The fridge was my best friend”

Michelle told me she knew about One You Lincolnshire from seeing it on social media and that she had thoughts about it stored in the back of her mind. However, when her oldest son had a GP appointment the suggestion was made that he might benefit from being referred to One You Lincolnshire to help him with some weight loss. This was agreed upon and a referral was made, due to her son’s extra needs for support to understand weight loss on a more individual basis he was first assigned to one of our Health Coaches, Shane.

From the beginning Michelle said that Shane was easy to talk to and non-judgmental in his approach. The calls took place with the speaker phone on, allowing Michelle and her other son to listen, they both also referred in to One You for weight loss support. Shane continued with family support calls over the next few weeks. Michelle said that Shane became a listening ear and allowed her to speak about other issues that had potential to impact on progress for them all. Michelle recognized from past experience’s that emotional health is important and uses techniques she has learnt along the way, such as writing things down before she goes to sleep and reframing her thoughts and feelings to help her to cope when she is feeling anxious. Shane helped this by placing no expectations on them as individuals, let them lead changes and offered supportive advice. Michelle felt this allowed honesty to admit when they had not always been “perfect” and allowed discussion around how to be positive about these slip ups and move on, was never seen as failure. Michelle did say although the phone calls worked well it would have been great to have had a video call with Shane as she is a visual person and likes to be able to see the person she is talking to. I must agree with this too in this recent world of remoteness human contact has become a treasured asset.

Michelle explained to me that her oldest son does not understand weight loss, but he did recognize his clothes were getting looser. Her second son has other conditions that meant his viewpoint on diet and weight loss was different to his brothers’ he learnt that he could still have things he liked just in smaller portions so that he didn’t feel he was having those things taken away from him. This has worked well for him.

Michelle’s husband and teenage daughter have also come along for the ride on this weight loss journey and as a family they have lost over 10 stone in less than six months. Michelle has said very modestly that they have only eaten more healthy meals, reduced portions, and still have a treat but much less than before.

Would Michelle recommend One You Lincolnshire? It was a very definite yes, as a carer and mother she felt both her and her sons were supported to make these changes and that she felt they were more sustainable going forward into the future.

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The information and advice within this blog are not intended to replace any medical advice, with all our clients we seek to address their individual needs and circumstances - this includes any adaptations required for long- or short-term health conditions and medications. Please seek medical advice if you have any health conditions before considering a lifestyle change. If you would like to address any of the content of this blog, please email us.

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