Here at One You Lincolnshire we are supporting Lincolnshire residents to make healthier choices around their alcohol consumption

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28 Day Dry challenge

  • 28 days email support

  • 28 days access to a Facebook Community 

  • Daily videos

  • Three e-books

  • Guest training in Fitness, Diet and Mindset 

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drink a little less

  • Access to OYL Healthy Lifestyle App; helps you to keep on track, working out your units, weekly spends and calorie intake. It’s also a great way to keep track of your Physical Activity, Sleep and Mood. Access your weekly report card and track your progress.

  • Access to our Drink Less Facebook Community 

  • Access to our client portal 

  • Optional Health Coach 1:1 appointments

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1 in 5 children live with a hazardous drinker


Alcohol affects our happy hormones and is associated with symptoms of depression


Alcohol is more concentrated in women as they have less body water in comparison to men(*3)


Excessive alcohol lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality. (*3)


In 2018 14% of 15yr olds reported drinking alcohol weekly


In Lincolnshire:

149,904 adults could be drinking above the recommended levels (*5) 

168,642 people could be binge drinking on their heaviest days. (*5)


It is possible to drink the low risk weekly guideline of 14 units for just £2.68 – about the price of a cup of coffee in many high street chains (*5)


Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost the NHS £3.5 billionper year and society as a whole £21 billion annually.

what WE offer:

Health Coach 1:1 – Tele-coaching 4-6 sessions.
Our incredible team of Health Coaches offer a ​friendly, safe and confidential ​1:1 service focusing on tackling habits and uncovering the motivation to make those small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

One You Lincolnshire offers 3 educational sessions on Alcohol Awareness, Craving Management and Mindfulness:

Our Alcohol Awareness Workshop gives clients an insight into what units are and how to calculate them. It challenges stereotypes of binge drinking, looks at how relationships develop with alcohol, helps clients to identify the short-term and long-term effects and provides hints and tips for alcohol reduction.
Our Cravings Management Workshop offers an insight into what cravings are and how to beat them. It focuses on how to identify cravings and how to successfully implement a distraction technique.

Our Mindfulness Workshop was created to help tackle the anxiety around changing habits. It focuses on techniques that can help with total body relaxation and calmness.

OYL Healthy Lifestyle App
We also have our very own Healthy Lifestyle App which makes tracking your alcohol consumption easy. The app not only keeps track of what you drink, but also the calories consumed and the financial cost. It also keeps an eye on your fruit and veg intake, physical activity, mood and sleep.

Benefits of reducing alcohol consumption:

improved sleep

better concentration

healthier appearance - radiant/hydrated skin

better hydration

more energy

improved mood

weight loss

reduced risk of cancer

improved oral health

healthier liver

improved blood sugar

improved memory function

hints and tips on how to reduce:

  • Use a unit measuring beaker when pouring drinks at home.

  • Cut down the alcohol by swapping strong beers or wines for ones with a lower strength (ABV in %).

  • Focus on the positive reasons for making a change.

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"I’ve not felt as good as this in a long time, over all well-being has improved"

"I didn’t think drinking affected me until I stopped! I now notice my mornings are less hazy and I have more energy."

“ I just love it so much, its hard to stop, but I have still managed to drop 30units per week and haven’t wobbled, just 5 more to go and I will have met my target of 50% reduction”

“ Your soft touch approach and giving simple plans and ideas to make subtle changes has worked, can’t believe how motivated we feel, never thought we could change our relationship with alcohol the way we have”

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