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Drinking and Calories - Tips for Christmas!

December 29, 2021

Enjoy those festive drinks whilst protecting the waistline this Christmas! Wanting to lose weight? Here’s some festive top tips to help you keep on track

  • Ditch those high-calorie mixers. Use low calorie alternatives such as diet coke and slimline tonics - Gin and Tonic: 120 kcals Gin and Slimline Tonic: 56 kcals
  • Swap a glass of wine for a glass of bubbles. Bubbles are usually less calorific and served in smaller glasses! There's 86 kcals and 1.5units in a glass of Prosecco compared to 159 Kcals and 2.3 units in a glass of 13% Wine
  • Add soda water to your wine. No extra calories and a now you have a drink that lasts much longer.
  • Choose a low alcohol beer. Low alcohol beers are generally lesser in calories than their alcoholic siblings - Heineken 5% 330ml contains 138 calories Heineken 0.0 330ml 69 calories

  • Use a measuring beaker when pouring your drinks at home. It’s likely that without the trusty bartenders measures we’re drinking more than we think. As our glasses get bigger so too do the units and calories.
  • Choose your cocktails wisely! Cocktails are loaded with calories and the more shots they contain, the higher the unit content too. Avoid cocktails that contain syrups or are made with milk and cream.
  • Avoid after dinner dessert wines and creamy liqueurs. Swap for a single shot of spirit or a small glass of Sherry. Dessert wines and creamy liqueurs contain almost double the calories.
  • And remember!
  • Don’t forget to stick to the recommended guidelines of no more than 14 units a week!
  • Sip your drinks slowly to make them last
  • Stay hydrated! Alternate with non-alcoholic drinks
  • Enjoy the festivities!

To find out more about our Drink Less Pathway visit our Drink Less Hub - where you will also find lots of information about Dry January

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