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Managing Stress When Quitting

June 22, 2022

Top tips for managing stress levels when stopping smoking

When the stress kicks and you want to reach for a smoke to take that edge off, try these alternatives to help you through the rough time...

· Escape - Currently we’re in our homes a lot more, and although we’re limited to how often we’re allowed out, when the stress kicks in escape those familiar 4 walls and go for a walk. The fresh air, scenery and sounds of the outside will help to calm you down and change your mindset.

· Get creative – another good way of keeping your mind preoccupied is to do something creative. It keeps your mind focused on something else and is a good way of keeping your hands busy. Things such as colouring, painting, drawing and knitting (handy on these chillier winter days) are a perfect option to stimulate your brain and distract you from any stress.

· Get active – doesn’t have to mean signing up to a triathlon every other day, but if you’re able to go for a run/cycle this can be a brilliant way of switching off and putting energy into something else. If the thought of going for a run brings you out in a sweat, other options such as doing household exercises, walking round a garden or even going up and down the stairs a couple of times can help to keep you distracted.

· Get reading – the phrase “getting lost in a good book” can be the perfect antidote to stress and is a great way of not dwelling on whatever is playing on your mind. You don’t have to devour the whole book in one sitting, but a few pages/chapters can help to switch your mind to something else. Doesn’t have to be a book either – could be a magazine, newspaper or even something online that you fancied checking out.

· Get talking – another well knows phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved”. This is very relevant to stress so talk to family, partners, friends, or professional support about what is upsetting you. The more insights into what is happening will provide a different perspective and possible answer to a problem. Don’t barrel it up – talk and your mental and physical health will then improve.

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