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Quitting smoking, and gaining energy!


December 8, 2023


I feel fresher and have more energy!

I was thinking and wanting to give up smoking for many years but kept putting it off. 

I would tell myself If I was stressed I would need my “crutch” at these times and that it would be difficult in social circles and to be honest I enjoyed having a cigarette.   My first cup of tea in the morning, after meals and then with a cuppa in the evening plus all the ones in between.  It was when I went to see the nurse at our GP Practice that she told me about One You Lincolnshire and the services it provides. 

For one the service is free, which in a cost of living crisis was very appealing and for two they offer support.  I made the leap and called them.  They were very quick in calling me back to arrange for someone to go through the options with me.  I was assigned to Steve who would support me for the next 12 weeks with a weekly phone call.  He explained how it would work and asked me about my lifestyle, goals, obstacles etc and then told me what tools they can supply to help me give up. 

He was brilliant, we would chat about how I felt on each given week, if I had anything coming up that week that may make me want to have a cigarette or he would just keep encouraging me to do well and I could always call if I was struggling.  Never once did I feel judged or a failure.  I tried the inhalator the first week but found this hard to get on with as it didn’t satisfy my cravings and tasted pretty horrible.   Steve and I talked about it and I decided to give vaping a try.  Steve sent me a vape and discussed the different strength oils and the different flavours.  We started on the high oil and now 12 weeks on, I am on the lowest strength oil and don’t even crave a cigarette.  I find that I don’t vape as much either so my health has improved massively.  I don’t need my inhalers any where near as much as before. 

I feel fresher and have more energy, I’m joining the gym and have a lot more money in the bank!  This service really helped me, it gave me the support and help to give up.

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