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Men's Health Week 2022 - Time For Your MOT

June 13, 2022

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Questions to ask yourself today to check in with your health and wellbeing


Do you know your weight? What about your BMI?

BMI is a really useful measure for the average Joe, and by average, we mean not an athlete or a bodybuilder.

BMI takes into consideration your height and your weight, but keep in mind that it does not account for body fat percentage or muscle mass.

If you're curious about yours, you can calculate your BMI here.

Physical activity

How many minutes of moderate intensity physical activity have you done this past week?

It could be walking the dog, playing footie, gardening or anything that increases your heart rate and gets you slightly out of breath.

Exercise is not only important for your physical health, but also your mental health.

It doesn't matter what you do, find something you enjoy!

If you're currently doing <150mins per week we have plenty of programmes to support you in moving more and feeling fitter.


What's your diet looking like at the moment? How many portions of fruit and veg do you eat on the average day?

Did you answer 5+? No?

As simple as it sounds, this is a great question to determine how balanced your diet is. The more fruit and veg you consume, the more balanced your plates are likely to be. Fruit and veg are essential for your daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as being low calorie - so load up on these (especially veggies) and give your body what it needs!

What's also important to consider is macro-nutrients: Carbs, Fats, and Proteins.

Carbs: What's your portion control like when it comes to carbs like rice and pasta? Are you consuming good sources of protein and healthy fats?

Are you eating regular meals? Are they mostly cooked at home from scratch or do they tend to be takeaway/instant processed?

One of the best swaps you can make is to start cooking more meals at home from scratch. Not only will it cut the calories and processed junk out, but it's also likely to save you some money!


How much water do you drink on a daily basis? It's recommended that adults drink 6-8 250ml cups of water or around 2L daily.

What is your caffeine intake like? Are you relying on energy drinks or multiple cups of coffee to get you through the day?


Do you drink alcohol? If so, about how many units of alcohol per week?

Did you know: We're recommended to drink no more than 14units of alcohol per week. That may workout to be less than you think! 14 units equates to roughly:

- 6 pints of 4% strength beer OR

- 6 small 175ml glasses of 13% wine OR

- 14 glasses of single measure (25ml) 40% spirit.

Top Tips: Don't save all your units up to have in one go. Have at least 2 consecutive alcohol free days per week.


How's your sleeping pattern?

How many hours of sleep do you get on the average night?

Does it sit between the golden 7-9 hours that's recommended for adults? Research shows that people's need for sleep varies. Some must get 9 hours to function optimally and others function best on less with around 7 hours, so find what's right for you. We wouldn't recommend any less than 6 hours MINIMUM.

Do you wake up feeling tired or energised and well-rested?

It's normal to wake up tired, however if you don't perk up with 30mins of waking and remain tired throughout the whole day, I have news for you: you might not be getting enough shut eye!


How happy have you been recently? Do you feel the activities you do in your day-to-day life are worthwhile? Maybe you're experiencing low mood or high levels of stress right now - is there anything you can do to improve this?

Sometimes reaching out a mate can help whether it's over a pint down the pub, chat over footie, or a simple text message exchange, reach out if you're needing someone to talk to.

You can also:

- Speak to your GP

- Self-refer to Steps for Change

- Call Lincs Mental Health Help Line: 0800 001 4331

It can seem overwhelming trying to do it all, all of the time. We have busy lives and none of us are perfect!

If any of these question prompts rang alarm bells in your head jot down a couple area's (no more than 3!) that you plan to focus on over the next 4 weeks to begin making small improvements and go from there.

Seriously, do it. Right now.

Making small changes even in just one area can have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

If you would like some help, you can check out the support we offer for Smoking, Weight Loss, Drink Less and Move More.

Speak to one of our Health Coaches for further 1-1 support with confidence and motivation around behaviour change.

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