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Quitting smoking for surgery


August 4, 2023

Dr chatting with patient

David quits smoking to go on the waiting list for a hip replacement.

David came into the service in July 2022 as he needed to stop smoking to be eligible for a hip replacement operation.

He had an appointment with the consultant who explained that he would not be put on the waiting list until he stopped smoking. At the time, David was shocked to hear about this criteria as no-one had spoken to him previously about quitting.

David had been a smoker for 55 years. He used a nicotine patch and lozenge to help him quit. He found it surprisingly easy to stop. On a daily basis, David has a lot of pain to cope with but his motivation was strong as he wanted the operation.

After 12 weeks he took a stop smoking outcome letter to the consultant to show his amazing progress. David's surgery is now scheduled for next month.

David was very grateful for the help and support from Marie.

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