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Sindy's Story - Stop Smoking Support, The Best Gift in Lincolnshire

November 3, 2022

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Sindy shares how she went from smoking 20 a day to quitting altogether.

Sindy set her quit date with us 30th June and not only did she achieve her 12 week quit (still going) but her husband quit, too!

Read on to hear Sindy's story about how she did it, avoiding weight gain and finding new routines.

Sindy's Story

Within five days of registering for the Be Smoke Free Programme, Jo, one of the stop smoking practitioners contacted me to arrange an introductory interview and explain the programme to me.

I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and was totally hooked. I really wanted to quit, but didn’t have the confidence that I would manage to. I decided on a quit date and after following the 12 week intervention programme, I am proud to say that I am nicotine free!

I'm proud to say that I am Nicotine free!

The programme offered by One You Lincolnshire is brilliant, offering two levels of support. Twelve weeks supply of nicotine replacement therapy and weekly telephone support from Jo, an excellent stop smoking practitioner.

From the very start, Jo offered help and encouragement, and gave me the confidence to believe that I could quit smoking. She was always there to offer guidance, helpful suggestions and information during our weekly chat, and was just one text away from additional help if I needed it. She also sent apps, which were full of tips to help me quit.

My husband quit too!

My husband stopped at the same time as me, and together we identified trigger points we needed to avoid. This included dismantling our outside smoking area (!) and replacing our after meal cigarette with something else. We didn’t want to put on weight, and found that a couple of pieces of chocolate or a sweet did the trick! First thing in the morning was the time I used to smoke most, and I started to take the dog for a very long walk instead, appreciating the fresh air and all of the physical benefits of being a non smoker.


I actually found that I rarely had cravings, but I had nicotine lozenges with me at all times in case I needed one. I was nervous about moving from Step 1 patches to Step 2, and then Step 3. Jo was there to reassure me, and decreasing nicotine levels was no problem at all!

To start with I wasn’t confident that nicotine patches would work for me, but they did, and I would 100% recommend them.

I moved to Lincolnshire fifteen months ago and can say, hand on heart, that this is the best gift this County could ever give me!

I am so proud to be a non-smoker. Thank you One You Lincolnshire and thank you, Jo, for your great support!

Feeling inspired by Sindy's story? If you'd like some support to quit smoking, check out all the ways in which we can help you at Be Smoke Free.

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