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Stop Smoking: Frequently Asked Questions

December 29, 2021

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our stop smoking clients.

Can I just cut down?- Setting a quit date and stopping is a better option, research shows that you are more likely to quit and stay quit. We are commissioned to support those who are aiming to stop smoking completely.

Why should I come to a stop smoking service? I can buy Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) from the shop. - Research shows you have a better chance of stopping and staying stopped with the support from your local stop smoking service.

How much does it cost? -NRT is free and if you decided to go with Champix or Zyban, it is a 12 week course and you pay a prescription charge every 2 weeks, unless you are exempt from these charges.

How long do I have to use the products for? - Ideally its a 12 week programme, and we do advise all pharmocotherapy to be used for 12 weeks, to ensure a successful quit.

What is the best thing to use to quit? - Some people really like NRT and some people really like Champix, it's whichever products works best for you alongside determination and behavioural change. Statistically, 65% of people quit that use NRT with support, compared to 75% using Champix.

What is the point of using nicotine as it's just the same as smoking isn't it? Nicotine isn't the cancer causing/harmful substance in a cigarette, so it can be safely used to help quit smoking.

Can I use patches and champix together? It is not advised that both products are used together. Champix works by blocking the nicotine receptor cells in the brain, therefore the patches would have no effect.

My friend says Champix made her feel depressed, so I am scared to use it? - Studies have shown that Champix is no more likely to make you feel depressed than using Nicotine Replacement Therapy or going cold turkey.

I work different shift patterns, how can I have appointments? - Your practitioner will find an appointment to suit you, we also have a dedicated telephone  service that operate in the evenings and Saturday mornings

Can I go to my local pharmacy, they advertise stop smoking? - We work closely with local pharmacies who have staff trained up to deliver smoking cessation on behalf of One You Lincolnshire. You can use NHS Smokefree to find your nearest support location.

What is the carbon monoxide that comes from my cigarettes? Carbon monoxide is a gas created by anything that burns. As the cigarette burns, it goes into your system and binds to your red blood cells which usually carry oxygen around the body. This means there is less capability for the body to carry oxygen, as the cells are now full with carbon monoxide.

Can I use NRT products while pregnant? Yes you can use a nicotine replacement therapy and its less harmful than smoking, ideally we  like to use as least amount of NRT as we can. Our practitioner can discuss the best option for you.

Aren't Nicotine replacement products as addictive as smoking? Most people who use NRT products do not become dependent on them as most people don't use them for long enough. Those who do use long term will find that they are still considerably less harmful than smoking.

My mates mum stopped smoking but still died within 3 months, what is the point? - Smoking can mask a lot of health problems due to lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. Problems come to light when you stop but this means that they can be treated more quickly once diagnosed.

Can I use an e cigarette? - E cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. We don't supply them as part of the course but we can support your quit attempt with you through behaviour change if you choose to purchase and use an e-cigarette.

What is considered a heavy smoker? - Smoking 5 or  fewer cigarettes a day can still cause almost as much damage to your lungs as  smoking 40 a day.

I am in my 70's surely there is no point in stopping now? - It is never too late to improve your health, no age is too old. Stopping smoking at any age  will bring about benefits to health.

How long does it take to quit?- The Stop Smoking  practitioner will work with you to set a quit date ideally within two weeks  of your first appointment. The full course is 12 weeks in length but by 12  weeks you should be well into your life as a non smoker.

What if I don’t like the NRT I am provided? - The Stop Smoking  practitioner will monitor how you get on with the products and they can be  adjusted in quantity or swapped for another product at any point within your  journey.

Are there weekend appointments? -Yes - we offer telephone appointments on a Saturday morning.

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The information and advice within this blog are not intended to replace any medical advice, with all our clients we seek to address their individual needs and circumstances - this includes any adaptations required for long- or short-term health conditions and medications. Please seek medical advice if you have any health conditions before considering a lifestyle change. If you would like to address any of the content of this blog, please email us

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