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Tony's Story


January 19, 2023

Tony's journey to being smoke free with no more spending on cigarettes

My name is Tony and this is my story.


I have been a smoker on and off for over 55 years and I decided to quit because I was spending most of my pension on cigarettes. I contacted my GP through 'Ask my GP' and they put me in touch with One You Lincolnshire. I filled in a quick survey and submitted it and received a phone call within 15 minutes.


I spoke to Jo and together we came up with a plan. One You Lincolnshire sent me some nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum and a pamphlet explaining how it all works. My advisor Jo had already outlined what I needed to do, she described what she was going to send me and when it all arrived, I read the leaflet and found it very helpful.  I decided to get rid of all temptation so carried on smoking until I had finished all the cigarettes in the house, and I gave my wife my lighters to hide.


I put my first patch on halfway through the afternoon and after about an hour I had my first urge to smoke. A nicotine chewing gum alongside finding something to do stopped the urge and that's how it continued for the rest of the day. From then on, I used patches, and gum as and when I needed it.  

My first challenge was to cut down on the amount of pieces of gum I was using a day, and with a lot of support from family and friends and my mentor Jo I achieved this. The next challenge was to change from nicotine gum to sugar free gum and again with a lot of help from my support team I was able to achieve this. Finally, the challenge to stop using the gum altogether and with determination and support I got there.

The support I received from family and friends, my advisor Jo and especially my wife is what saw me through the bad times, which were few thanks to them.


I am proud to say I have now been a non-smoker for 15 weeks.

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