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Helping you to quit smoking, our 12-week stop smoking programme means you’ll be 4 times more likely to quit, for good. We’ll look at your history, help you set goals and offer follow-up support and Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Helping you to be smoke free, our 12-week intervention programme means you’ll be 4 times more likely to stop, for good. We’ll look at your history, help you set goals and offer follow-up support and Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

What we offer:

  • Weekly support in  1-to-1.
  • Flexible appointment times to suit you, including evenings.
  • Tailored support to help you break habits and boost your motivation and confidence to be smoke free.
  • FREE Nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Helpful resources like our Quit Guide.
  • Check in contact at 6- and 12-months smoke free.

  • FREE non-judgemental motivation, support and accountability.
  • We'll help with your health and bank balance, too!
  • Calculate how much you've spent over the years and just how much you could save by quitting with us today. NHS Savings Calculator for Smokers.

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  • Those living, working or registered with a GP in Lincolnshire. PLUS
  • Over 12’s. PLUS  
  • Those smoking tobacco.

meet the team

Our fantastic team are here to support you every step of the way - read a little about them here.

How it works


First appointment

We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your first appointment. During this 30 min appointment you will discuss any concerns you have about quitting, the benefits you are hoping to get from stopping smoking and how the appointments and NRT work.


sending & receiving nrt

Nicotine replacement therapy comes in a variety of forms. The Stop Smoking practitioner will discuss with you the type of NRT which might work best for you. It will be posted to your address.



Your Practitioner will help you plan and prepare for your quit date, taking into account any concerns or barriers you may feel towards quitting.



The course runs for a total of 12 weeks, and you will be able to receive weekly or bi-weekly appointments depending on the level of support you need. These appointments are roughly about 15 minutes in length where the practitioner will review your quit product (e.g. NRT) and discuss any concerns or struggles you might have had that week.



This is a great goal to aim for during Stoptober. Your practitioner will help adjust any NRT requirements you may have at this point.



Congratulations you have reached the end of the course and are a fully fledged non-smoker.



We will keep in touch to offer any further support that you might need through our other pathways. And if a relapse does occur, remember you can always come back and try again.

How it works


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We’ll be in touch to help you pick a programme to suit you and your needs.


We’ll send you a text with your first appointment details.


We’ll call you and you can start taking steps to improve your health!


What our clients say...

"It was hard to start with at first, but my stop smoking practitioner, Jo, got me to the other side of the stress of quitting smoking. She was fantastic, brilliant, always bubbly and cheerful. Now I have stopped smoking and I am over the moon!"

"We thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism and enthusiasm in helping us give up smoking.​ It is true to say that along with the aids you sent us, without your warm kindness and support we may well not be where we are now.​"

What our clients say...

"Good, supportive, couldn’t have managed without Clare’s weekly calls. Patches worked straight away and it was great to have a secondary product (inhalator) for in between."

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