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Our team of physical activity coaches will get you moving more and achieving the recommended 150 mins of physical activity a week! We offer a mix of 1-to-1 and group sessions to suit everyone.

We’ll get you moving more and achieving the recommended 150 mins of physical activity a week! We support over 18’s not currently reaching this target with our mix of 1-to-1/group sessions and access to online and face-to-face exercise.

What we offer:

  • Weekly support in our 1-to-1 sessions.
  • Bespoke resources to help you reach your goals.  
  • Tailored support for over 55’s seeking support to stay active and mobile.
  • Online gym membership - yoga, HIIT, armchair aerobics and more.  
  • Personalised sessions in a gym/leisure centre.
  • Free exercise and workout plans to improve your fitness.


  • Lincolnshire residents or those registered with a Lincolnshire GP.
  • Over 18’s.
  • Those doing less than 150 mins of physical activity a week.

Please note that our Move More interventions are delivered by level 3 exercise professionals.  In some cases clients may be required to have completed a specialist, level 4 exercise referral programme before being eligible to start on a Move More intervention.  Examples of specialist exercise referral programmes are Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation, Level 4 Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation. Please get in touch if you'd like to chat with our team about your personal circumstances.

meet the team

Our fantastic team are here to support you every step of the way - read a little about them here.

How it works


First appointment

We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your first appointment. During this 30 min appointment you will discuss any concerns you have about quitting, the benefits you are hoping to get from stopping smoking and how the appointments and NRT work.


sending & receiving nrt

Nicotine replacement therapy comes in a variety of forms. The Stop Smoking practitioner will discuss with you the type of NRT which might work best for you. It will be posted to your address.



Your Practitioner will help you plan and prepare for your quit date, taking into account any concerns or barriers you may feel towards quitting.



The course runs for a total of 12 weeks, and you will be able to receive weekly or bi-weekly appointments depending on the level of support you need. These appointments are roughly about 15 minutes in length where the practitioner will review your quit product (e.g. NRT) and discuss any concerns or struggles you might have had that week.



This is a great goal to aim for during Stoptober. Your practitioner will help adjust any NRT requirements you may have at this point.



Congratulations you have reached the end of the course and are a fully fledged non-smoker.



We will keep in touch to offer any further support that you might need through our other pathways. And if a relapse does occur, remember you can always come back and try again.

How it works


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Start taking steps to improve your health!


What our clients say...

"My mental and physical health and confidence have improved enormously. I feel that dance has helped me move forward in my life. It's a life-changing journey that I have begun, and I have made such wonderful friends along the way. I have felt such happiness and freedom through doing this and my path is now brighter and so much more positive. The difference in me is enormous and all good."


"My mind & body would be taken over by such happy & free feelings, nothing else mattered. These weekly sessions have motivated me to get on my bike, get outdoors & be with others, as well as the amazing movement of my body. All of which, I would often struggle with week to week. I am honestly grateful beyond words as to what this group & the people in it has brought me."

What our clients say...

"Before this programme, I wasn't doing much exercise and I had not been eating healthily. Now I am feeling great. I am happy losing weight and I enjoy exercising on a regular basis."

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